1. Download the Driver using the URL below:


2. Right-click on the downloaded zip file, and extract the contents.

3. Open the PC's Device Manager, find and right-click on the Device and click on ‘Update driver’.

4. Select the option 'Browse my computer for drivers'.

5. Click on the 'Browse...' icon.

6. Find and select the previously extracted folder and click on OK.

7. Enable the option to 'Include subfolders' and click on ‘Next’.

8. Once the driver is successfully updated, take note of the Port that's shown and click on ‘Close’.

9. Open the Local Settings on the POS Counter and go to the 'Device/Terminal' tab, select the Credit Card Terminal Type as 'X990_Serial', and insert the Port shown in the previous step. Click on Save when complete.  (Local Settings can be opened via the Shift + F12 keys, or can be accessed through the help pop-up window)