• This model only support Windows 8 & Windows 10 (Recommended Windows Version: Windows 10).
  • Available from ARMS® POS Beta: 311 & Live: 192

Step 1: Press    key on Keyboard.

Step 2: Click on icon.

Step 3: Click on icon.

Step 4: Click on icon.

Step 5: Click on icon.

Step 6: Click on  icon.

Step 7: **Click on Device icon.

Step 8: Wait a moment.

Step 9: Click on Done button and Close Setting Page.

Step 10: Login into ARMS® POS

Step 11: Go to Local Settings.

Step 12: Select "Credit Card Terminal Type" with "Castle MP200"

Step 13: Select "Credit Card Terminal Name" which Device Name has paired.

Step 14: Click on Save Settings.

Step 15: Restart ARMS® POS.

**How to determine device in Bluetooth:

You can get serial number on Device Sticker which stick on behind device.(Refer Image on Above).