* Only support BC11 800 model.

* Only Windows OS can support to do connection between Bizerba weight scale machine and counter.

Enable counter settings in the backend

1. Login to the backend and navigate to Front End > Settings > Counters Setup.

2. Select the counter which you would like to connect with the weight scale machine and click on .

3. Select "BC11 800" for Sync to weight scale, and click on Save.

Set weight scale machine IP

- Please refer Bizerba weight scale machine user guide

Set counter connect with weight scale machine

  1. Open ARMS POS folder.

  2. Open ext folder.

  3. Open bizerba_weightscale folder.

  4. Open bizerbaconfig.ini file with wordpad.

  5. Change weight scale IP address.

  6. Once confirm, save & close file.

  7. Run setup.bat (Resync Masterfile)

Set counter connect with multiple weight scale machine

  1. Step 1: Repeat Set counter connect with weight scale machine step 1 to 4.

  2. Add row number, name and IP address in bizerbaconfig.ini
    For example:

  3. Repeat Step 2 for other weight scale machine.

  4. Once confirm, save & close file.

  5. Run setup.bat (Resync Masterfile).