Setup Voucher

  1. Go to Masterfile > Voucher > Registration

  2. Key in the voucher qty for each value. Press "Register" and Remember your voucher "Batch no".

  3. Go to Masterfile > Voucher > Listing

  4. Select the Batch No in dropdown list, and click "Refresh". Click on the "Printer" icon.

  5. Click "Print" to print all the voucher.

Setup SKU

- Apply SKU
   * In this tutorial, we created two SKU, named "Voucher RM10" and "Voucher RM50". 

Setup Redemption

  1. Go to Membership > Membership Redemption > Redemption Item Setup. Search for SKU and add into list.

  2. Tick the "Voucher Value" checkbox and key in the "Voucher Value". Key in the "Point" and Click on the "Available to" pencil to allow which branch to use this redemption item.

  3. Activate the redemption item, then tick the checkbox at left hand side. Press "Save" button at the bottom of the screen. Depending on your server config, this step may not be necessary for you. Go to Membership > Membership Redemption > Redemption Item Approval. Tick the checkbox of your redemption item and Press "Confirm Selected Item(s)".

Make Redemption

  1. Go to Membership > Membership Redemption > Make Redemption

  2. Key in Card No and NRIC. Press "Enter".

  3. Click "Continue" in the popup.

  4. Search SKU and add into list. Key in the Qty and the Voucher Code. Once everything is done, Press "Confirm".

  5. Click "OK" to print slip.

    * Voucher Activation screen will automatically open. (If not open or blocked by your browser, click on the "Voucher Activation" link to manually open to screen)
    * Make sure information is correct, and click "Activate Codes".

Done, Your voucher is now active and can be use at the POS Counter.

After the redemption was made, you can check the Redemption Summary at Membership > Membership Redemption > Redemption Summary.