1. Click on the Program menu and Select Export to Account from Program Menu.

  2. Fill in Date from and To.

  3. Select Format (Accounting Software) and select export Cash Sales group by Daily Summary, Monthly Summary, Receipt or Account Payable (Purchase) or Cash Sales Credit Note.

  4. Once confirm click on Export button.

  5. Select folder which you would like to store Cash Sales/Account Payable/Credit Note file.

  6. Once confirm click on OK and system will show you file name which export.

For Vendor code must follow Accounting Software Vendor/Supplier MasterFile.
For change other account code/name, click on Settings button in export to account module. All account code and account name must follow accounting software masterfile.

Accounting software list supported

1. Emas
2. Million
3. Mr Accounting
4. SQL Accounting
5. Sage 50
6. TJH Accounting (Only cash sales & credit notes available)
7. Inter Application (IA)