How to install ARMS Thermal Printer ( for ARMS LITE ) in Windows.

1. Go to Download the ARMS RECEIPT THERMAL PRINTER (ARMS-80IV) as shown below:


2. Next locate the file and unzip it ( you will need software like Winrar or 7zip )  

3. Double click on the file Xprinter Driver setup V7.77.exe to start the installation.

4. From here on follow the pictorial guide. 

5. Here select the window OS you are currently using, for the printer type choose XP-80C and press "Install Now".

6. Next click on Yes.

7. It will then load the printer properties page, go to Ports Tab and select USB as the printer port and click Apply.

8. Click on General Tab and  click Print Test Page, if the printer is printing test page that means the installation is successful. Next copy the printer name ( in this case is XP-80C) and launch ARMS LITE.

9. Go to System > Preference > Interface > paste the printer name that you copy earlier in the Receipt Printer Port box. Next in the Printer Command field please choose ARMS 80IV and press the save button.