To change the ARMS Printer IP Address, the tool IRT-T250 Tool(IP).exe is required.

Download link: Click here

1. How to get printer IP.
i) Turn off printer.
ii) Press and hold “Feed” button on the printer
iii) Turn on printer again
iv) Printer will have a “beep” sound and print out the printer's details. You can get the IP Address from the printed details. The default IP Address is

2. Connect the printer to a Computer with ethernet cable and change computer IP address.

How change Computer IP:

i) Go to control panel and click “Network and Internet”.

ii) Click “View network status and tasks” under Network and Sharing Center

iii) Click “Ethernet” Link

iv) Click on the “Properties” button on Ethernet Status screen.

v) Select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click “Properties” button.

vi) Choose “Use the Following IP Address” and change IP address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway and Click “OK” to save button.

For Example: Printer IP address:

vii) Close “Ethernet Properties” screen. 

3. Open command prompt to ping IP (Start Menu > Run > Type in CMD > Enter > Type in "ping PRINTER_IP_ADDRESS")

4. Change the Printer IP Address

i) Open “IRT-T250 Tool(IP).exe” and Select “Ethernet port” and click “Test” button.
ii) If a OK message prompted, you can continue to change IP and click the “Set” button, printer will have a “beep” sound. Your printer IP address is now changed to the new IP Address. (To confirm your Printer IP Address feed your printer details again and see if it has changed)