If you're having delays to print out on your printer, you might need to troubleshoot on your network.

Here's some approaches that you can try it out:

1. If ARMS F&B network that you're using is sharing with your customer, try closing the wifi for public use.

2. You may download a ping app on iPad (Free Ping, Network Ping or similar apps), and try to ping your printer and see if the response time is good. (Check your network cable if its not good)

3. Make sure your iPad and your Printer is in the same subnet. For example, if your iPad's IP is 192.168.1.x and your printer's IP should also be something like 192.158.1.y (x and y is any number between 1~255)

4. Make sure all the Devices and Printer's IP are unique in your network.

5. If none of the above is working try changing your router, we recommend Apple's Airport Extreme.