1. Go to Administrator > MasterFile > Add-ons

  2. Press on the cross located on the top right hand side of the screen (beside the edit button).

  3. In the name box please key in the description of your add on, and then in the apply to categories section please choose which categories this add on you wish to apply to (in this case we use Burger as an example). After that press save.

  4. Next Press the i button located on the right (red square).

  5. Next tap on the cross (red square) which will then open the new add-ons items section.

  6. In this section, key in the name of your add-ons (in this case is the meat doneness level). In SKU press the square button and select the item that needed to be in the add on (in this case is steak). In the Type section just choose Yes / No, As for the Quantity / Selection option those can be use for other add-ons like extra fries, extra rice, extra condiments etc. For the Adjust price (per qty) just put in 0, (in the case if you wish to charge the customer extra for other add-ons like extra fries, extra condiments etc, then you can input the price here). After input all the relevant information, Press Save.

  7. Next go to the ordering section, order a burger and press on the item to add-on.

  8. Press on the Select Add-ons and choose the doneness level that the customer require.

  9. After this just press Print to kitchen.