If you are not using our ARMS Cloud Services please proceed from step 7 onward.

      1.First go to Administrator > Settings > Cloud > click on the Sync now button (highlight in red )

  1. Wait for the sync to finish then proceed to the cloud login page http://cloud.arms-fnb.com/ 

  2. Login to your cloud page and click on the Dashboard button, Please make sure that your Sales is up to date (if its not up to date please press the sync now button again)

  3. Next click on the Devices Tab, Click on the unpair device button and then press OK to confirm.

  4. Your device tab should look like this (refer to the image below). Please Write down the new device code (red circle) and take note that the status is Active (red circle).

  5. You should also receive an email saying that your device has been unpaired and a new device code has been issue to you.

  6. Next we move on to backup data (MasterFile, Sales, Settings). Go to App store and install Drop Box, you will need a valid email address to register an account with Drop Box.

  7. Next go to Arms F&B > Administrator > Apps > Backup, Press the backup button (highlighted in red) and wait for the backup process to finish.

  8. When the backup process is finish, Press on the "..." button (highlighted in red) and then choose "Copy to Drop Box" (highlighted in green).

  9. Drop Box will then load and all you need to do is press the Save button (highlighted in red).

  10. Before you move to the new iPad, you will need to unpair the activation code from the old one first, Go to Administrator > Apps > Upgrades/Activation. Write down the Activation code (highlighted in red) then press the unpair button (highlighted in green).

  11. Next we move on to the new iPad, First go to the iPad settings page > iTunes & App store, in the apple ID box please key in your email in the box (please make sure its the same email that you have been using in the old iPad).

  12. Go to the Apps store and install ARMS F&B, Open it and setup an Admin account and passcode (just follow the instruction on the screen), after that go to Administrator > Apps > Upgrades/Activation. Press the Upgrades/Activate button.

  13. Next you should get a screen like this, Just key in the activation code you written down earlier (refer to step 11) in the "Enter the Activation Code provided" box and press submit.

  14. In this next step just press the "cancel" button.

  15. Go to Administrator >  Apps > Upgrades/Activation >  Press the "Restore All Purchases" button (highlighted in red) and then press the "OK" button.

  16. Go to App store, install Drop Box and login (using the email you register with Drop Box earlier), Press the "Recents" button and locate the backup you have uploaded earlier.

  17. Press the upload button (highlighted in red) and then press the App store button (highlighted in green).  

  18. Next just select which version of the ARMS F&B you are currently using (ARMS F&B GST OR ARMS F&B INTERNATIONAL).

  19. Next you will received a Backup Restoration message like this, Just press YES and wait for the system to reboot, after that just key in your passcode to login.

  20. Go to Administrator > Settings > Cloud >  Key in the Device Code and the Branch Name that you received via email earlier (refer to step 6), and then press save.

  21. If you see a message that says "Device Paired Successfully" means that you have succeed in pairing your device to the cloud. Then your new iPad with ARMS F&B is ready.