Backup and upload to DropBox

  1. First download Dropbox from App Store. You will need a valid email address to register an account with Drop Box.

  2. Next go to Arms F&B > Administrator > Apps > Backup, Press the backup button (highlighted in red) and wait for the backup process to finish.

  3. When the backup process is finish, Press on the "..." button (highlighted in red) and then choose " Copy to Drop Box".

  4. Drop Box will then load and all you need to do is press the Save button (highlighted in red).

  5. If you wish to share your database you can do so by giving out the access via the dropbox link. Tap on the icon (red arrow).

  6. Tap on the "Share Link".

  7. Then tap on the "Copy Link" icon to copy the Dropbox link which can be share out to whoever that you wish.

Restore database from DropBox

  1. Go to Dropbox. Select the file you wish to restore to ARMS F&B, tap on the " ... " button (highlighted in red circle) then tap on the "export".

  2. Next tap on the "Open In".

  3. Here just tap on the icon of ARMS F&B (just select which version you are currently using).