Step 1: Open Terminal and Enter "sudo su" command into Terminal and Press Enter.

Step 2: Copy below command into terminal and press Enter.     ** Please contact ARMS Implementation team at 012 - 566 6643 for any password prompt.

    Beta Version

    cd /tmp; wget && bash

    Live Version

    cd /tmp; wget && bash

Step 3: Close Terminal. Right Click on "Desktop"

Step 4: Follow below step to do Initial Setup.

  • Beta 310 & Live 191 and below

  • Select "Applications" and Click on "Configure Settings".

  • Close (Hardware configuration do at Counter's Local Settings).

  • Edit Branch, Counter, Server Configuration in config.php. Once confirm, save and close config.php

  • Right Click on "Desktop". Select "Applications" and Click on "Resync Masterfile"

  • Restart PC and do Hardware configuration at ARMS® POS Local Settings).

  • Beta 311 & Live 192 and onward (Comming Soon)