There are 2 groups of data needed for GST Submission, i.e.:-

A) Sales Data, which includes....

B) Purchase Data, which includes.....

A. Sales Data

1) Sales from POS Counter:
You can get the sales data from Counter Collection, Counter Sales GST Report or Receipt Summary GST Report. Then use Print Full Tax Invoice.

To get the total daily sales amount, gst and rounding, go to Front End > Counter Collection

To get the gst by tax code, go to Front End > POS Report > GST > Counter Sales GST Report

To view the more details GST sales by receipt, go to Front End > POS Report > GST > Receipt Summary GST Report

If you want to print the full tax invoice, go to Front End > Print Full Tax Invoice.

2) Transfer DO

3) Credit Sales DO

4) Cash Sales DO

5) Debit Note
GRN: Amount overcharged by Supplier, arms generate D/N

GRA: Goods return to supplier, generate D/N

D/N report format:

B. Purchase

1) Follow Vendor's invoice - if below screenshot is not configured for previous GRR, please refer back to the vendor's invoice and key in the GST information manually into the accounting system.

2) GRR Report
- GST by tax code
- GST amount by tax code