Enable print full tax invoice user privilege

  1. Click on Administrator and select users.

  2. Click on Update Profile.

  3. Select username.

  4. Once confirm, click on Refresh.

  5. Go to Front-End & POS.

  6. Tick on FRONTEND_PRINT_FULL_TAX_INVOICE checkbox for each branch.

  7. Once confirm click on Update.

Print full tax invoice

  1. Click on Front End.

  2. Select Print Full Tax Invoice

  3. Key in Receipt Ref No* in Search receipt by Ref. No field.

  4. Once confirm click on Search and system will help you to fill in receipt information.

  5. Click on Show.

  6. Fill in Remark in Tax Invoice Remark form.

  7. Once confirm, click on Print.

    * Sample full tax invoice format

    * Receipt Ref No: please refer below screen shot