1. Open "Notepad"

  2. Click on “File” menu and click on “Save as”

  3. Select “C:\\ARMS LITE\db\” and save file as “master_slave.txt”.

  4. Go to "C:" drive.

  5. Right click on "ARMS LITE" Folder

  6. Click on Properties.

  7. Click on "Sharing" Tab.

  8. Click on "Advanced Sharing"

  9. Click on "Share this Folder"

  10. Enter "ARMS_LITE" in Share name text box

  11. Click on "Permission"

  12. Click on "Full Control" Allow box

  13. Click on "Apply"

  14. Click on "OK"

  15. Click on "Close".

  16. Go to "ARMS® LITE" system.

  17. Click on "System"

  18. Click on "Preference"

  19. Click on "Multiple Counter Version 2"

  20. Click on "Run as Standalone or Master for Multiple Counter"

  21. Mark down network path.

  22. Click on "Save".

  23. Restart ARMS® LITE system.

    ** Take Note:

    Click Here for solve folder "Access is denied." issue.

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