1. Open "Notepad"

  2. Click on “File” menu and click on “Save as”

  3. Select “C:\\ARMS LITE\db\” and save file as “master_slave.txt”.

  4. Go to "This PC"/"My Computer".

  5. Click on "Map network  drive".

  6. Enter network path which created in Master Counter.

  7. Go to ARMS® LITE.

  8. Click on "System". 

  9. Click on "Preference".

  10. Click on "Multiple Counter Version 2".

  11. Click on "Run as Salve for Multiple Counter".

  12. Select Master Address and click on "Verify".

  13. Click on "Save".

  14. Restart ARMS® LITE system.

  15. Click on "Download Masterfile".

    ** Take Note

    Click Here to review how to create ARMS® LITE Master Counter.