1. Open Diagnostic Tool. (For Diagnostic Tool, you can get from CD or click here to download)
  2. Select "English" for “Language”.
  3. Select “Printer Port” and Click “setup” button. If printer port is “USB” than skip click “setup” button. 
  4. Click on “Bitmap Font Manager” Tab.
  5. Set “Font Encode” to “Asian Font Encode”. 
  6. Click on “Simplified Chinese” from Asian Font Encode Box.

  7. Click “Select Font” button and base on step a - d to select font, font style and etc...
    a. Font: Simsun
    b. Font Style: Regular
    c. Font Size: 18
    d. Script: Chinese GB2312

  8. Printer Font Name must set with “FONT001”.

  9. Click on “Download Font” button

    click on "Get more Barcode..." and select "Tsc (Single column & Chinese character)", "Tsc (Single without price & chinese character)" ,"Tsc (Double without price & Chinese Character)". or "Tsc (Double column & Chinese Character)".

    ARMS Barcoder Program
    Change Text label with “TEXT 290,45,"FONT001",0,1,2,"{description2}"” in barcodes.php script and save file.