1. Click here to download QLabel and install.
  2. Open Q Label IV application and click on  to  create new label.

  3. Click on "Cancel" button.

  4. Click on 

  5. Select Font Type with "Asian Font" and click on "Download Asian Font".

  6. Select "Chinese Simplified(GB)" and click on "Start".

  7. Select "Font" with "SimSun-ExtB", "Font style" with "Regular", "Size" with 24 and "Script" with "Chinese GB2312". Click on "OK".

  8. Wait a while minute and click on "OK". 

    Click on "Get more Barcode..." and select "Godex (Single column and chinese character)", "Godex (Single without price and chinese character)" ,"Godex (Double column and chinese character)". or "Godex (Double without price and chinese character)".

    ARMS Barcoder Program
    Change Barcode script “AB,25,40,1,1,0,0,{description1}” change to “AZ,25,40,1,1,0,0,{description1}”in barcodes.php script and save file.