* All setting must use windows os to set.

  1. Determine first customer display is running in 200/450/650/850/895 Mode / ESC/POS Mode

  2. Download customer display driver from "http://arms.my/files/drivers/VFD-850.zip" and unzip VFD-850.zip. If customer display in USB port , go to double click VFD-850/USB_CP210x Driver/CP210x_VCP_Win_XP_S2K3_Vista_7.exe. After install driver, go to device manager to check customer display port.

  3. Install VDF Customer Display config software.

  4. Open VFD Customer Display config and select COM port, Baud Rate and change to 200/450/650/850/895 Mode and click on OK button.

  5. Click on Yes.

  6. Click on "Set COM Port and Baud Rate" and make sure Baud Rate must be 9600.

  7. Click on Command Type Select and select command type with EPSON ESC/POS Command.

  8. Click on Send Command. Click on Exit and select  VFD Customer Display Config like below image.

  9. Click on OK and Yes button. Please make sure RS-233 settings set like below image and click on Accept button. International Character set must be USA and Code page must be Page 0.